Draft Beer Bar 101

So we've all thought it for our wedding (including myself) ... "How amazing would it be to have a draft beer bar to serve our favorite craft beer at our wedding?" We then jump to Pinterest and see all these amazing DIY beer bars built for weddings by adventurous couples. Well, if you can do it, more power to you. Just read below to learn more about what to do and what not to do when exploring the build or rental of a "draft beer bar."

When we embarked on the journey of building eight draft beer bars for use at weddings, corporate events, festivals, and private parties, we knew one thing was most important: the bars had to be retrofit (built around) jockey boxes. Read our first blog post to understand why we had this sentiment. Building our beer bars around jockey boxes will ensure ice cold, foam free beer each and every pour.

With this, we encourage you to be cautious of "draft beer bar" rentals in the market. If it's not build around jockey boxes (and those boxes better have 120 foot coils), then the likelihood of it working well at your event are slim.

Draft beer bars are great for not only serving beer but for also serving kegs of wine, cider, soda, kombucha, cold brew, water and more. The opportunitites are endless as long as the liquid comes in a keg format!

We've posted a few of our most popular draft beer bars below to inspire you. We'd be happy to discuss rental of any of the below draft beer structures. All of rentals include local delivery, setup and teardown as well as all the jockey boxes and components needed to make it all work!

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