Why Rent a Jockey Box?

There are three primary reasons why anyone hosting a wedding, corporate event, or private party should consider renting a jockey box to serve kegs.

Let's start with the idea of serving a keg vs. bottles or cans. Kegs are typically more economical as you are buying the beer in bulk. Some smaller/hard to find breweries only keg so getting the "good" stuff is easier in keg format. Many, including ourselves, would argue keg beer tastes better. Keg beer is less likely to oxidize (this happens when light hits the bottles of beers) and retains freshness better than bottles and cans. Lastly, keg beer is the environmentally friendly option ... no cans or bottles to recycle and no need to worry about trash strewn about your event! Now that we have you convinced kegs are the way to go, let's talk jockey box shop.

Here are three reasons to use a jockey box to serve a keg:

  1. Leave the hand-pumping to the college kids. Not only is hand-pumping a bad look its not so great for the beer. Hand pumps push air into the keg causing them to lose carbonation quickly. Using a hand pump also requires the keg to be iced ... very iced. The beer inside the keg will only come out as cold as the ice is getting the keg. The number one cause for foamy beer is not the proper (36-38 degrees) temperature. Jockey boxes use CO2 to push the liquid out of the keg, just like the setup at your favorite brewery, bar, or restaurant.
  2. No need for electricity. Jockey boxes are the perfect way to serve kegs at an event. Jockey boxes are portable and use ice and stainless steel coils to quickly cool the beer. This means no need to worry about plugging something in to get it cold.
  3. Who doesn't love to drink a beer on draft? Whether self-serve or service with a bartender, guests will love the look and more importantly taste of a draft beer on demand. Ice cold, foam free, and super tasty each and every pour.

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